The FGB Letters of Credit is a widely used financial instrument that bridges the gap between buyer (importer) and seller (exporter) with the neutrality and strength of a bank. When your business needs the written commitment that can only be provided by a letter of credit, we can help

Feature & Benefits:

  • It guarantees a seller (e.g. an exporter) payment for goods or services, provided that the terms of the letter of credit are met.
  • Specifically formulated for businesses, the FGB's letter of credit guarantees payment of your suppliers, on your behalf, helping to give you and your suppliers, the confidence needed to build solid and lasting business relationships.

The FGB Letters of Undertaking is a service whereby we guarantee a customer's payment obligation, of a specified amount, to a third party, in accordance with terms and conditions stipulated in a contract. Debt Management is now easier for you with this FGB facility.

Features & Benefits:

  • The contract or agreement depends on the completion of that undertaking.
  • It assures your creditors that they will be paid on time.
  • FGB guarantees the performance of the customer
  • All the aspects surrounding the contract are outlined in the document
  • The contract is binding on all the parties involved

Speak with your FGB Relationship Manager and find out how you can access this service.

*Subject to applicable conditions.