We offer a wide range of financial products and services for your personal banking needs.

Savings & Chequing Accounts

  • FGB Global Savers Accounts
  • FGB Partna Plan
  • FGB Interest Chequing Account
  • FGB Foreign Currency Chequing Account
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Personal & Mortgage Loans

  • FGB New Motor Vehicle Loan
  • FGB Pre-Owned Vehicle Loan
  • FGB Unsecured Loan
  • FGB Residential Home Mortgage with NHT joint-financing
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Credit Cards

  • FGB VISA Classic Card
  • FGB VISA Affinity Card
  • FGB VISA Gold Card
  • FGB VISA Platinum Card
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Banking Services

  • FGB VISA Debit Card
  • FGB Online & Mobile Banking
  • FGB Wire Transfer
  • FGB Foreign Exchange Rates
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